Texas Counties Deliver

Shaun Carpenter, Judge
220th Judicial District Court
Bosque, Comanche & Hamilton Counties
State of Texas
110 South Main
P. O. Box 529
Meridian, Texas  76665

Civil Court Coordinator Position Available

Please send a resume and salary requirements to Linda Meinkowsky at crtadm220@bosquecounty.us.

Civil Coordinator Job Description.pdf


COVID-19 Operating Plan for the Bosque, Comanche, and Hamilton county judiciary

Starting June 1, 2020, the county judiciary may begin to hold in-person hearings in compliance with Orders of the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas, the guidance of the Office of Court Administration, and the COVID-19 Operating Plan for each county.

In order to protect the health of the public, the litigants, the court staff, and support personnel, the county judiciary should continue to hold all proceedings remotely unless it is impractical or impossible.

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